All About MUT19’s Most Feared Promo

Throughout the year, EA runs a variety of promotions and programs to keep Madden Ultimate Team fresh throughout the yearly cycle. One of the most highly anticipated promos is the “Most Feared” promo, where comically-sized versions of your favorite players take over the field for a short amount of time. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play a 7-foot-tall Jared Goff or his 13-year-old self (more on that soon) on Madden Ultimate Team, Most Feared is your chance.

Is Most Feared the best way to spend your Madden 19 coins on PS4 and Xbox One right now? Keep reading to find out!

How Does It Work?

While the program definitely has some unique effects on gameplay, it works very similarly to most other programs.
To begin with, you’ll choose 5 “Little Monster” players out of the 10 available. Your choices are as follows:

-Calais Campbell
-Kyle Long
-Zach Cunningham
-Kelvin Benjamin
-Derwin James
-Jared Goff
-Derrick Henry
-Anthony Barr
-Jimmy Graham
-Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie

These players start at a comically small stature (and look like children out there), but as you feed them “candy” (earned through Solo Challenges), they grow in size and stats until they are full-sized players at 85 Overall.

Once you’ve grown all 5 of your Little Monsters to 85 overall & their normal size, you can trade them in for an untradeable 90 Overall “Boss Monster” of your choice. These 90 overall cards are also available in packs or on the marketplace.

If you pack or buy the remaining Boss Monsters, you can trade them for the “Master Monster” at 94 Overall – the naturally scary Calvin Johnson Jr. You’ll also receive the 10 Boss Monsters back – but they’ll be untradeable now.

The Transformation

Remember when we mentioned the 7-foot-tall Jared Goff? We weren’t lying.

For 48 hours surrounding Halloween (10/30), the Boss Monster and Master Monster cards will “enrage”, boosting their overalls and their height to a staggering 7 feet. On top of how funny they look standing next to normal players, they’re also incredibly effective, with ratings in the 99s to go with their newfound growth spurt. It’s truly a unique MUT experience!

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Buy Madden Coins for Easy Training Points

Goodbye contracts, hello training points!

With the release of Madden 19, EA introduced a new mechanic to Madden Ultimate Team: training points. In addition to the reliable MUT coins and coveted Madden Points balance, you’ll now be able to accumulate and spend training points for your team. While they are not as crucial to building your team as coins are, they do give you the chance to approach MUT a little differently this year.

Training points are used to upgrade your players. For gold and elite cards, you’ll be able to add a team chemistry slot to boost their & their teammates’ stats a little bit. This makes activating team chemistry boosts much easier and makes lesser players from your favorite team more viable. There are also power-up players, which can be upgraded multiple times in order to boost their overall and unlock chemistries. As they increase in overall, the training point cost will increase so you’ll need a ton of training points to make your favorite player god-squad eligible.

Unfortunately, training points are not too easy to earn. They come from solos and quickselling players, which means that unless you’re opening a ton of packs or have a huge binder, you may run into a shortage. Fortunately, you can convert coins to training points.

Quickselling players will give you a specific amount of training points depending on their overall. The values are as follows:

60-61 overall: 2 training
62-65 overall: 4 training
66-69 overall: 5 training
70-73 overall: 10 training
74-76 overall: 15 training
77 overall: 20 training
78 overall: 25 training
79 overall: 30 training
80 overall: 65 training
81 overall: 95 training
82 overall: 135 training
83 overall: 200 training
84 overall: 275 training
85 overall: 375 training
86 overall: 550 training
87 overall: 775 training
88 overall: 1100 training
89 overall: 1600 training
90 overall: 2200 training
91 overall: 3200 training
92 overall: 4500 training
94 overall: 9000 training

When you buy madden coins instead of ripping packs, you not only receive more value for your money, but you can also choose which players you get – allowing you to buy the specific-overall players that you need to get the most training for your money. This lets you stack up training points to take your team to the next level without the need for buying madden points or emptying your binder constantly.

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