Invest in Your Ultimate Team to Earn Better HUT Champions Rewards

Hockey Ultimate Team is all about building your dream team. From the second you create your team name and open your starter pack, you begin crafting your squad until it’s just right. However, with the constant promotions and new cards being released, it’s impossible to stay satisfied with where your team is for too long – especially when you play competitively where every attribute point counts. Are packs the answer? Of course not – cheap NHL 19 Xbox One Coins are. Keep reading to learn how our service can propel you to the top of the HUT Champions leader boards.

Everyone wants to win, and aside from improving at the game, you do that by improving your team. While challenges and objectives give you a nice boost and some extra spending coins, they don’t quite offer enough value for your time. Fortunately, if you’re able to compete with some of the best, HUT Champions can certainly pay off.

HUT Champs is a way to improve your team by winning thanks to the rewards they offer. Placing higher on the leader boards for the current season earns you better rewards, which includes special cards, free packs filled with elite cards, and more that you can use to upgrade your team to improve your chances of winning the next time. The cycle continues where you can reinvest your Champs winnings into your team to continue winning games. Sounds great, right?

But where do you start? If you didn’t play at the beginning of the year and are looking to get competitive quickly, you need a way to get some coins so that your team can compete. With cheap NHL 19 Xbox One coins, you can get a jump start on building your team without having to grind challenges or waste money on packs. By investing early on, you can speed up the time it takes for you to start winning Champs rewards and making your team truly elite.

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All About HUT Champions

Let’s face it; searching for games in Competitive Seasons can be boring due to the skill gap in division 1. Either you play one of the very best in the world with a much lower overall team, or you’re able to beat them easily without a challenge. The fun of Ultimate Team is playing against similarly skilled players and grinding out a win, so if you’ve been looking for a way to test your skills in HUT against some of the very best in the world, HUT Champions is for you.

What is HUT Champions?
HUT Champions is a qualification-based weekly tournament in Hockey Ultimate Team where the winners of qualification tournaments and previous Champions tournaments fight it out for some of the best prizes available in HUT. The tournament runs Monday-Sunday and tracks the records and ranks of all participants similar to competitive seasons. At the end of the week, players are rewarded with packs, players, and NHL coins that vary based upon their rankings at the conclusion of the tournament.

How Do I Qualify?
To qualify, you’re going to need to win. You can qualify by receiving a Qualifying collectible which can be won by winning the Division 1 title in Competitive Seasons, or by placing in the top 1250 of one of the two weekly qualifiers. Additionally, if you make it into HUT Champions and rank within the top 250, you will automatically receive another collectible and be able to participate in the next week’s tournament without going through qualifiers. So be sure to get on top and stay on top by stacking your team with NHL coins for sale.

What Can I Win?
These aren’t just your Competitive Season Round prizes, these are some of the best prizes there are. Depending on where you rank, you can earn up to 200 rare gold players, up to 250,000 NHL Coins, and a 99 overall card. However, everyone wins at least an Ultimate Pack, so just qualifying is worth it!

For complete prize tiers, see below:

RANK 1: 99 Overall Card – 5x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack – 250,000 Coins – Qualification Collectible
RANK 2: 98 Overall Card – 5x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack – 200,000 Coins – Qualification Collectible
RANK 3: 97 Overall Card – 5x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack – 150,000 Coins – Qualification Collectible
RANK 4: 96 Overall Card – 5x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack – 100,000 Coins – Qualification Collectible
RANK 5: 96 Overall Card – 5x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack – 50,000 Coins – Qualification Collectible
RANK 6-10: Choice Pack w/ 2 90+ OVR EVO Players – 4x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack – 25,000 Coins – Qualification Collectible
RANK 11-20: Choice Pack w/ 2 90+ OVR EVO Players – 3x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack – 25,000 Coins – Qualification Collectible
RANK 21-50: Choice Pack w/ 1 90+ OVR EVO Players – 2x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack – 1x 20 Rare Gold Player Pack – 25,000 Coins – Qualification Collectible
RANK 51-100: Choice Pack w/ 1 90+ OVR EVO Players – 2x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack – 25,000 Coins – Qualification Collectible
RANK 101-250: Choice Pack w/ 2 90+ OVR EVO Players – 1x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack – 1x 20 Rare Gold Player Pack – Qualification Collectible
RANK 251-500: Choice Pack w/ 2 90+ OVR EVO Players – 1x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack
RANK 500+: 1x 40 Rare Gold Player Pack

As you can see, there are some pretty great prizes up for grabs if you can beat the very best. But to beat the best, you’re going to need a team to compete with any team. Be sure to look for a reliable source of NHL coins for sale so that you can save the money on packs and start building your squad right away!

Start Training for NHL eSports with Hockey Ultimate Team

With the emergence of eSports as a career in the past few years, a wide variety of games are starting to get involved in professional games and leagues. You may have seen the $100,000 Madden tournament, $1 million dollar NBA league, and other eSports titles boasting huge cash prizes. Up until recently, there has been little to no competition on the NHL side of sports games, but with the announcement of the NHL sponsoring an eSports league, there is no better time to build your HUT dream team with HUT Ultimate Team Coins to start honing your skills.

The game mode that is primarily used for competitive NHL is versus, which is very similar to HUT without the ability to create your own team. However, many of the top players in the game avoid versus entirely, instead focusing on Ultimate Team as their proving grounds and where they practice. With the better players available in Hockey Ultimate Team, these players can expand their creativity and improve more rapidly because they have a lot of HUT coins, making their teams incredibly skilled. While they may have spent hundreds on packs and hours working the market to get their teams, you don’t have to.

If you want to match up against these top players and improve, you are going to need a competitive team that will allow you to get into Division 1, because it takes more than skill to compete in HUT! That is why we recommend that you find a reliable source for HUT Ultimate Team Coins so that you can show the community what you can do. Once you can compete, you’re going to improve, gain popularity, and maybe even get a shot at being a professional player once the league begins. Just remember to practice!

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HUT Packs – Coins or Points?

There are only a few ways to get new players for your Ultimate Team. You are able to play games, complete challenges, complete sets, or open packs, none of which are the best way to make sure you get the players you want. However, there is always a chance that you can hit the jackpot and pull an incredibly valuable card to make it all worth it. If you take advantage of HUT coins for sale, you can increase your chances even higher.

If you do decide to visit the Store in Ultimate Team, you are confronted with a decision: open with NHL points or with coins. Despite some rumors, there is no difference between the contents in packs bought with NHL points versus cards except the cost.

NHL points are EA’s in-game currency for HUT. You can buy these points, and then with them you can buy packs and try your luck at earning a player. Unfortunately, pull rates for the best cards are incredibly low, making it hard to get a solid return on investment due to how expensive they are. Unfortunately, many still buy packs with points because they are unaware of alternative ways to get coins.

You can also open packs with coins that you have earned in the game mode, although many will advise against this because of how long it takes to earn the coins it costs for a pack. They usually return about 20% of the pack’s value in discard value, so it really requires you to pull a very good card to be worth it. However, if you still want to buy packs but don’t want to spend the coins you’ve worked to earn, you can look to buy hut coins.

If you still want to open packs, finding HUT coins for sale is a great way to lower the cost and increase your return on investment. With an affordable service like Ultimate Coin Service, you can open 10%+ more packs on average opening with coins you receive from them as opposed to NHL Points. That gives you a higher chance to pull a solid card, and if you change your mind about the packs you can still buy any card you want from the marketplace. It is cost-effective and keeps your options open, a win-win!

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