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Invest in Your Ultimate Team to Earn Better HUT Champions Rewards

Hockey Ultimate Team is all about building your dream team. From the second you create your team name and open your starter pack, you begin crafting your squad until it’s just right. However, with the constant promotions and new cards being released, it’s impossible to stay satisfied with where your team is for too long […]

All About MUT19’s Most Feared Promo

Throughout the year, EA runs a variety of promotions and programs to keep Madden Ultimate Team fresh throughout the yearly cycle. One of the most highly anticipated promos is the “Most Feared” promo, where comically-sized versions of your favorite players take over the field for a short amount of time. If you’ve ever wondered what […]

Buy Madden Coins for Easy Training Points

Goodbye contracts, hello training points! With the release of Madden 19, EA introduced a new mechanic to Madden Ultimate Team: training points. In addition to the reliable MUT coins and coveted Madden Points balance, you’ll now be able to accumulate and spend training points for your team. While they are not as crucial to building […]

All About HUT Champions

Let’s face it; searching for games in Competitive Seasons can be boring due to the skill gap in division 1. Either you play one of the very best in the world with a much lower overall team, or you’re able to beat them easily without a challenge. The fun of Ultimate Team is playing against […]

Start Training for NHL eSports with Hockey Ultimate Team

With the emergence of eSports as a career in the past few years, a wide variety of games are starting to get involved in professional games and leagues. You may have seen the $100,000 Madden tournament, $1 million dollar NBA league, and other eSports titles boasting huge cash prizes. Up until recently, there has been […]

HUT Packs – Coins or Points?

There are only a few ways to get new players for your Ultimate Team. You are able to play games, complete challenges, complete sets, or open packs, none of which are the best way to make sure you get the players you want. However, there is always a chance that you can hit the jackpot […]